Society Member Surname List

Prior to the development and popularization of online trees and genealogy-focused social media, the Surname List was established as a benefit to help WNYGS members contact other Society members researching the same surname. Members submitted their lists of New York State-connected surnames, specifically those that included an individual that was born, married, lived or died in New York State. Every name submitted was then indexed with the member's membership number, and additions to the Surname List were published in the September issue of the JOURNAL.

Below is the compiled Surname List data at the time of the project's close in December of 2018. It is important to remember as a past project the database may contain information submitted by both current and past members. To determine a member's status (Current/Past), use the Member ID number to search the listings in the current WNYGS Member Directory. For privacy reasons, only the (provided) contact information for current members is available.

Surnames A - D
Surnames E - H
Surnames I - M
Surnames N - S
Surnames T - Z

This information is now part of the Society past project archive maintained in the Zintz Memorial Library Collection.

Last updated: Monday, January 28, 2019