Church and Cemetery Records Microfilming Program

In an effort to preserve old church and cemetery records in Western New York, WNYGS will microfilm any records, preferably from the 19th century, that have not previously been microfilmed. WNYGS will pay for the filming and will furnish the holder of the records with a copy of the film. Please contact the Microfilming Committee at if you have any information about Western New York church or cemetery records that have not been microfilmed.

Genealogists in Western New York or with family connections to Western New York are encouraged to join the society in order to help further this important work.

Your membership helps make the filming of these records possible.

The following are some examples of records have recently been filmed and are now available in our research library:

St. Peter's United Church of Christ, Orchard Park Road, West Seneca, New York, 1853-1937, also known as St. Peter's German Evangelical United Church, St. Peter's Lutheran Church, and St. Peter's Evangelical Reformed Church.

1. Index - Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages, Deaths, Communions, etc. 1853-1900
2. Index - Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages, Deaths, Communions, etc. 1900-1937
3. History of St. Peter's 1852-1952
4. St. Peter's Constitution and Minutes 1852-1935
5. Minutes of the Brotherhood of St. Peter's 1893-1910
6. 1910 School Photo
7. Newspaper Article - Michael Cemetery
8. Newspaper Article - '150 and Still Rockin'
9. Contributors 1853-1862
10. Contributors 1866-1897

[Holy] Trinity Old Lutheran Church, Sheridan Drive, Eggertsville, New York, 1887-1939, also known as German Lutheran Trinity Church, German Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity, formerly at Goodell and Maple Streets, Buffalo, New York.

1. List of Names p. 26-112
2. Burials 1928-1937 p. 114-149
3. Members Records 1894-1917 p. 150-159
4. Burials 1938-1939 p. 163-170
5. Baptisms 1887-1912 p. 200-447
6. Confirmations 1887-1937 p. 450-489
7. Marriages 1938-1939 p. 500-503
8. Marriages 1887-1915 p. 520-618
9. Burials 1887-1928 p. 620-849
10. Baptisms 1913-1939 p. 850-917
11. Marriages 1916-1938 p. 920-961

Bethlehem United Evangelical Church, Genesee corner of Parade, Buffalo, New York.

1. Baptisms and deaths from 1887
2. Marriages and Confirmations from 1888

St. Stephens Evangelical & Reformed Church [formerly at Peckham & Adams, Buffalo, now at 750 Wehrle Drive, Amherst, New York]. All of the available records of St. Stephens Church were filmed, however, a few years of marriage and death records are missing and their location is unknown.

1. Baptisms from 1853
2. Deaths 1853 - 1901, from 1904
3. Marriages 1853 - 1898, from 1904
4. Confirmations 1853 - 1902, from 1904

St. James (St. Jacobi) Evangelical was formed in 1883 on Oak Street, then moved to Jefferson between Cayuga and High Streets and later moved to 526 High Street after a fire at the Jefferson Street church. St. James records are:

1. Baptisms October from 1883
2. Marriages October from 1883
3. Deaths October from 1883

Pilgrim English Evangelical was formed in 1902 on Spring Street and then moved to Best Street as Pilgrim Evangelical and by the 1940's was known as Pilgrim Evangelical and Reformed. In October 1956 a merger was approved for St. James Evangelical and Reformed, 526 High Street and Pilgrim Evangelical and Reformed, 623 Best Street to become Pilgrim St. James Evangelical & Reformed Church at Best Street and the church on High Street was sold. By 1959 the church was known as Pilgrim and St. James United Church of Christ. Records for the missing years have not been found and their location remains unknown. Available Pilgrim records (Pilgrim - St. James after 1956) are:

1. Baptisms 1902-1941
2. Marriages 1902-1946
3. Deaths 1902-1906, 1917-1941

Bethany Evangelical Church, (formerly Bethania), Eaton St., Buffalo, N.Y.

1. Baptisms from 1904
2. Marriages from 1904
3. Confirmations from 1904
4. Deaths from 1904

Trinity Evangelical Reformed Church, Kensington Ave., Buffalo, N.Y., later Trinity United Church of Christ, moved to Alden, N.Y.

1. Baptisms from 1918
2. Confirmations from 1925
3. Marriages from 1918
4. Deaths from 1919

Emanuel Evangelical & Reformed Church (formerly Emanuel German E. & F) Humboldt Pkwy, Buffalo, N.Y. - later Emanuel United Church of Christ then merged with Calvary in 1975 - Calvary Emanuel U.C.C.

1. Baptisms from 1884
2. Confirmations from 1885
3. Marriages from 1884
4. Deaths from 1884

Calvary Evangelical Church (formerly St. Thomas) Fillmore Ave. Buffalo, N.Y. Merged 1975 with Emanuel to become Calvary Emanuel United Church of Christ.

1. Baptisms from 1898
2. Confirmations from 1898
3. Marriages from 1899
4. Deaths from 1898

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