Society Member Locality List

Prior to the development and popularization of online trees and genealogy-focused social media, the Locality List was established as a benefit to help WNYGS members contact other Society members researching in the same location. This list included locations outside of the eight counties of focus to the Western New York Genealogical Society, and submissions were published annually in the June issue of the JOURNAL .



Below is the member-submitted locality information current at the time of the project's close in December of 2018. It is important to remember as a past project the database may contain information submitted by both current and past members. To determine a member's status (Current/Past), use the Member ID number to search the listings in the current WNYGS Member Directory. For privacy reasons, only the (provided) contact information for current members is available.

This information is now part of the Society archive maintained in the Zintz Memorial Library Collection.

State/Country County/Province Town Surname MemberID
California San Diego   Palmer 3178
Canada Ontario   Davis 2991
Canada Ontario   Goslin 1461
Canada Ontario   O'Hare 1461
Canada Ontario   O'Heir 1461
Connecticut     Parker 1614
England Cornwall St. Gerrans Calvert 2991
England Norfolk Oxborough Gill 1202
England Norfolk Oxborough Parks 1202
England Norfolk Oxborough Parkes 1202
England Sussex Bexhill Prior 267
England Yorkshire   Boddy 778L
England Yorkshire   Rainforth 778L
England Yorkshire   Dawson 778L
England Yorkshire   Render 778L
France Alsace Betschdorf Sturm 2529
France Alsace Betschdorf Martzolf 2529
France Alsace Lauterbach Georger 1542
France Alsace Roschwoot Georger 1542
France Paris   Schmitt 2991
Georgia Gilmer   Suddeth 3265
Georgia Gilmer   Montgomery 3265
Georgia Gilmer   Fossett 3265
Georgia Wilkes   Suddeth 3265
Georgia Wilkes   Montgomery 3265
Georgia Wilkes   Fossett 3265
Germany Alsace   Schmitt 2991
Germany Baden - Wurttemberg   Troppman 267
Germany Baden - Wtirttemberg   Dressel 267
Germany Baden - Wiirttemberg   Kolling 267
Germany Baden - Wurttemberg   Neumeister 267
Germany Baden - Wurttemberg   Schreiber 267
Germany Bavaria   Meidenbauer 2776
Germany Bavaria Coburg Faulring 1330
Germany Hessen Arheilgen Merlau 1330
Germany Hesse-Darmstadt   Neeb 2776
Germany Mecklenburg   Both 1160
Germany Mecklenburg   Drews 1160
Germany Mecklenburg   Dreves 1160
Germany Mecklenburg   St.Grauenhazen 2776
Germany Mecklenburg   Schulz 2776
Germany Mecklenburg   Woodrich 2776
Germany Saarland Lockweiler Klasen 1330
Germany Saarland Lockweiler Zoehler 1330
Germany Baden - Wtirttemberg Baiersbronn Klump 2776
Germany Baden - Wurttemberg Baiersbronn Feist 2776
Iowa Story Ames Johnson 778L
Iowa Story Ames Ole/Olaf 778L
Ireland Cavan   Tuite 267
Ireland Limerick Bruff Bateman 1202
Ireland Limerick Bruff Hayes 1202
Ireland Louth Ardee Miles 1202
Ireland Louth Ardee Rogers 1202
Ireland Wicklow   Doyle 2379
Ireland Wicklow   Murray 2379
Ireland Wicklow   O'Neill 2379
Ireland Wicklow   Ryder 2379
Kansas Norton   Boddy 778L
Kentucky Jefferson Louisville Bemis 2379
Kentucky Jefferson Louisville Brooks 2379
Kentucky Jefferson Louisville Doyle 2379
Kentucky Jefferson Louisville Tully 2379
Missouri Christian   McDaniel 3178
Missouri Henry Windsor Tate 267
New Jersey Hudson   Johnson 3178
New Jersey Union   Bell 3178
New York Dutchess Otsego Smith 596L
New York Dutchess   Parker 1614
New York Dutchess   Davis 2991
New York Jefferson   Butterfield 3563
New York Monroe Mendon Dawley 18L
New York Monroe Mendon Stimpson 18L
New York Monroe Mendon Matteson 18L
New York Monroe Mendon Buckley 3494F
New York Monroe Mendon Wilson 3494F
New York Monroe Mendon Finnerty 3494F
New York Monroe Parma Hafner 2529
New York Monroe Parma Relke 2529
New York Monroe Rochester Lovz 3494F
New York Monroe Rochester Englert 3494F
New York Monroe Rochester Meritt 3494F
New York Onondaga   Hilliker 3265
New York Onondaga   Heliker 3265
New York Onondaga   Irish 3265
New York Onondaga   Harrington 3265
New York Putnam Co.   Parker 1614
New York Rensselaer   Webster 596L
New York Saratoga Stillwater Hilliker 3265
New York Saratoga Stillwater Heliker 3265
New York Saratoga Stillwater Irish 3265
New York Saratoga Stillwater Harrington 3265
New York Seneca Waterloo Miles 1202
New York Seneca Waterloo Mahan 1202
New York Seneca Waterloo Cronin 1202
New York Steuben   Brown 3755
New York Steuben Hornby Dawley 18L
New York Steuben Hornby VanNortwick 18L
New York Tompkins   Barnard 596L
New York Washington   Reed 596L
New York Wayne Arcadia Pulver 3494F
New York Wayne Arcadia VanDewater 3494F
New York Yates   Champlin 2529
New York Yates   Ellsworth 2529
New York Yates   Gleason 3755
New York Yates Benton Remer 18L
New York Yates Benton VanNortwick 18L
Ohio Adams Tiffin Lafferty 3170
Pennsylvania Bucks   Starkey 1614
Pennsylvania Columbia Berwick Bower 364
Pennsylvania Columbia Berwick Keller 364
Pennsylvania Columbia Berwick Kester 364
Pennsy lvania Columbia Berwick Rhinard 364
Pennsylvania Fayette Bullskin Lafferty 3170
Pennsylvania Fayette   Bierer 3170
Pennsylvania Lackawanna Dunmore Johnson 3494F
Pennsylvania Lancaster Manor Lutz 1461
Pennsylvania Lancaster Manor Young 1461
Pennsylvania Lancaster Manor Carson 1461
Pennsylvania Lancaster Manor Conning 1461
Pennsylvania Westmoreland   Allhouse 3170
Pennsylvania Westmoreland   Kepple 3170
Pennsylvania Westmoreland   Steck 3170
Pennsylvania Westmoreland   Williamson 3170
Phillipines Cebu Mandauve Perez 1330
Phillipines Cebu Mandauve Cabrhug 1330
Phillipines Cebu Mandauve Seno 1330
Phillipines Cebu Mandauve Sanchez 1330
Rhode Island Providence Smithfield Buffum 364
Rhode Island Providence Smithfield Buxton 364
Rhode Island Providence Smithfield Kelley 364
Rhode Island Providence Smithfield Maule 364
Scotland Fife Kinglassie Baxter 364
Scotland Fife Kinglassie Galloway 364
Scotland Fife Kinzlassie Moyes 364
Scotland Kirkcudbrightshire Borzue Kissock 1461
Scotland Kirkcudbrightshire Borgue Martin 1461
Scotland Kirkcudbrightshire Borgue McMinn 1461
Scotland Kirkcudbrightshire Borgue Narine 1461
Switzerland Schaffenhausen Wilchingen Gasser 1461
Switzerland Schaffenhausen Wilchingen Gisel (Gysel) 1461
Vermont Rutland Wells Buxton 364
Vermont Rutland Wells Field 364
Vermont Rutland Wells Kelley 364
Vermont Rutland Wells Tooley 364

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